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Ways to Help the Environment


Earth Day is this Sunday (April 22) and we thought we would show you ways to save the planet from realsimple.com. It can be things that you can do for now on and not necessarily for one day. Not only could you save money, you are help making the world a better place to live.

  1. Think local: It is better to find food near you—because not only will you conserve gas, you are able to reduce pollution and enjoy a lot of fresher food. Check online, there might be plenty of green markets, farm stands, and conscientious supermarkets around you.
  2. Organic-cotton tees: Ever thought of purchasing organic t-shirts? Well, maybe it is time. Cotton is the second most chemically sprayed crop in America with corn being first. Maybe think about that when you’re at the mall.
  3. Recycled napkins: Did you know that if every American purchased one package of 100% recycled napkins, we would save 1 million trees. That’s a lot! Maybe consider purchasing recycled tissues and paper-towels too!
  4. Donate old phones: Approximately 130 million cellphones are retired each year which results in 65,000 tons of waste which could include hazardous materials. There are websites such as call2recycle.org or collectivegood.com that tells you where you can drop your phone off to be recycled.

What are some ways that you do to save the planet?

Click here to find more ways and read the original article—courtesy of www.realsimple.com

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