Our main office is open to customers and the general public by appointment only. If you would like to pick something up at our location, please call 206-366-9543 to set up an appointment time. Thank you for your understanding.

Case Managers and Care Givers- Let Us Take The Load Off!

We know how busy you are- let us help take some of the load off!  Setting up an account with us for your client is very simple.  Some key points:

  • You can email us your client information on the state secure email
  • We have extensive knowledge on products and coverage limits
  • We will contact the physicians to obtain the required medical documentation and prescriptions
  • We will process all of the claims to insurance companies
  • We offer monthly scheduled shipments of ongoing supplies
  • We will send samples to ensure the correct sizing and comfort of products
  • Free delivery to the client's home for most items
  • Our customer service is unsurpassed                                                 

We accept the following insurances:

  • Medicaid
  • Managed Medicaid: CHPW, Coordinated Care
  • Select Private Insurances
  • DSHS: (COPES, RCL, CFC, DDA services etc.)
  • MAC/ TSOA/ Family Caregiver Support

    Call us at 206-366-9543/ 800-741-3996

    Fax us at 206-366-9544 / 888-741-3997

    Email us at: linda@professionalmedicalcorp.com



    We are excited to announce Professional Medical now offers a secure, HIPAA-compliant online order form! You can now submit online requests for all of your patient’s orders for incontinence supplies, bathroom/bathroom safety equipment, lift chairs, or any specific special- order items (please include a link if possible). Our team will be alerted of the submission and begin the intake process ASAP. You can expect our team to reach out to you with an update or with any questions if needed. Please click the link below to access the form.



    Click here to go to the form.




    Please note that the items on our website are our most commonly sold items, but they are not the only items we are able to provide. If you cannot locate the item(s) needed, please reach out to us! It is very likely that we can accommodate the request for our mutual patient. 

    We're happy you're here, and we're excited to help!

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