Case Managers and Care Givers- Let Us Take The Load Off!

We know how busy you are- let us help take some of the load off!  Setting up an account with us for your client is very simple.  Some key points:

  • You can email us your client information on the state secure email
  • We have extensive knowledge on products and coverage limits
  • We will contact the physicians to obtain the required medical documentation and prescriptions
  • We will process all of the claims to insurance companies
  • We offer monthly scheduled shipments of ongoing supplies
  • We will send samples to ensure the correct sizing and comfort of products
  • Free delivery to the client's home for most items
  • Our customer service is unsurpassed
  • We accept the following insurances:
    • Medicare/ Medicaid
    • Managed Medicaid: CHPW, Molina, Coordinated Care
    • Select Private Insurances
    • COPES: All Programs

      Call us at 206-366-9543/ 800-741-3996

      Fax us at 206-366-9544 / 888-741-3997

      Email us at: or