Best 3 Smartphone Apps for Seniors (Part 2) 0

This is the second blog post in a three-part mini-series of smartphone application highlights. To read the first blog post, click here.

This week, we will be taking a look at applications that promote senior safety, and applications that can be useful for those with a poor memory.

Best 3 Money Saving Apps for Seniors 0


Smart phones line the pockets of nearly every person in the United States. Yet, very rarely are they utilized to their maximum potential. With countless accessible smartphone applications, finding the specific applications that will benefit your individual needs can become like searching for a needle in a haystack.


To highlight a few gems for older adults within the smartphone era, the Professional Medical team has compiled a list of our 9 favorite and most useful apps for senior citizens. Each one of these 9 apps benefits older adults. This week's blog post will highlight the top three apps used to SAVE MONEY for seniors. Stay tuned for the next three most useful apps for seniors in our next update!

The "Smart" Approach to Caregiving and Avoiding Resentment 0


Caregivers dedicate most of their time, thoughts, and efforts to the benefit of another person, whether it be a loved one or a client. Often, the care receiver is unable to show their gratitude due to illness or even embarrassment. Using the Smart Caregiver line of fall prevention products, caregivers can claim back some of their own independence and freedom, without having to feel guilty or neglectful of their care receiver.

  • Trey Munsell

Introducing a Product Line to Assist Caregivers 0


We at Professional Medical Corp carry the utmost respect for those who act as caregivers. A caregiver is a title, a job, but not necessarily a chosen career for every undertaker. Often, family members end up becoming caregivers to make sure their loved one is well taken-care-of. With an understanding of the many difficulties and challenges that caregivers face daily, we have unveiled a “Caregiving Aids” category for the Professional Medical website. The purpose of focusing on caregiving with this article and the new section of our website is to provide gratitude to professional and family caregivers in the United States, and to offer them the tools they need to simplify their job.

Attending a Fair as a Senior or with an Older Loved One 0

The Washington State Fair, hosted annually in Puyallup, begins this August 31st and continues until September 23rd. For any seniors or those with senior loved ones looking to attend the annual get-together, here are a few tips and tricks to save money and prevent any complications that may arise with increased levels of activity.

  • Trey Munsell

PSA: We Recommend Staying Indoors Today 0

PSA: Stay indoors if you have sensitive lungs. Visualized by NASA's satellite image of the wildfires, Seattle’s notorious rain clouds have been replaced with smoke as wildfires rage across nearly two million acres of the United States. The entire Pacific Northwest’s air quality has been drastically impacted for the worse.

  • Trey Munsell