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Living With Incontinence: What Products Can Help?


When you’re dealing with incontinence, it can sometimes feel as if things are a little complicated. But if you access the right products, life will seem a breeze in comparison.

This article tells you all about a wide range of incontinence products and supplies that will make incontinence much easier to live with so it doesn’t affect your day-to-day.

You’ll also find information on Medicaid Approved incontinence supplies that can be provided based on eligibility with your Medicaid.

In fact, you can quickly pinpoint all the products you need on our website.

What Is Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a loss of bladder control that’s quite common and can cause feelings of discomfort.

Incontinence can vary, from losing small amounts of urine when you cough or sneeze, to suddenly feeling a pressing urge to go to the toilet, which you might not make on time.

If you’ve been touched by incontinence, you’ll know the symptoms can be different for everyone, but often tend to increase if you undergo sudden trauma or perhaps have a stress burden in your life.

There are some defined categories of incontinence which help us to understand the root causes of the condition:

Stress incontinence is when you put extra pressure on your bladder through lifting something heavy, exercising or coughing to create a small urine leak.

Overflow incontinence is a constant leak of urine as your bladder never fully empties.

Urge incontinence is a sudden urge to urinate, followed by a loss of urine. This may increase at times and could be caused by an underlying health condition, so it’s a good idea to get this checked out.

Functional incontinence is caused by another condition, such as a disability, that keeps you from reaching the toilet on time.

Mixed incontinence is experiencing more than one type, usually stress and urge incontinence together.

Incontinence can be caused by a range of factors, so it’s recommended that if you’re concerned about any symptoms, you should seek medical advice and support.

It’s also important to note that bowel incontinence affects some people. It manifests in the same way as urinary incontinence, with an urge to go caused by stress or an underlying health condition.

People experience bowel incontinence in differing ways, with some having passive bowel incontinence, where they don’t notice soiling themselves. This is more common in older people and occurs more frequently in women than men.

Bowel incontinence is usually the result of an underlying health condition, such as diarrhoea or constipation. It can also be caused by long term conditions, such as diabetes or dementia.

If your Medicaid program has approved you for eligibility in terms of supplies, then you will find a great range of everything you need - from briefs to pant liners - under the Medicaid Approved category on our website.

Tips To Help You Live Better With Incontinence

If you have developed incontinence - either urinary or bowel - then these handy ideas could help improve your situation in no time at all.

Daily Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic floor exercise can support a stronger bladder to lower the chances of incontinence occurring. If you decide to do pelvic floors, then seek help from a medical professional for better results. It probably takes around 3 months for pelvic floors to take effect.

Gentle Exercise

This can help support your all-round general health and a reduction in leaks. Gently exercising each day by walking can lower incontinence events. Core exercises focusing on the tummy strengthen key muscle groups to improve bladder or bowel control.

Reduce Smoking, Caffeine and Alcohol

Cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol contain chemicals that irritate the bladder and bowel to potentially cause incontinence. Eating a healthy diet with lean protein, green vegetables and fruit will help lower your chances of incontinence events.

Avoid Lifting

Lifting heavy objects can put pressure on your bladder or bowel and cause incontinence to take place.


Don’t forget, you can find more information and reliable products to help you live better with incontinence under the dedicated section on our website.

Medicaid Approved Incontinence Products

If your Medicaid/Apple Health benefit program has approved you to be eligible for incontinence supplies, then check out our extensive range of products under the Incontinence Medicaid Approved tab on our website.

Incontinence is a challenge affecting many adults. Fortunately, there are a variety of products available to manage this condition to increase comfort, security and peace of mind. 

If you’re Medicaid approved, we have a large variety for you to browse, from pant liners to briefs and pads, that provide just the right coverage for your individual needs.

Our friendly customer-service experts are available to walk you through your options and we also have samples on most products to try before you buy.

Here’s just a selection of what you can access under the Medicaid Approved Incontinence tab:


Pant Liners

Pant liners are easy to use, discreet and are available in a wide range of sizes and absorbency levels. Quick to grab and pack for the day, giving you the confidence to know that you are safe, secure and dry whatever you’re doing.

Here are some great choices that are available on our website if you’re Medicaid approved and eligible for incontinence supplies.

TENA® Light Heavy Unisex Disposable Bladder Control Pad - 15 Inch, Heavy Absorbency

Dry-Fast Core™ with superabsorbent microbeads that help trap in liquid quickly for effective leakage protection. Cushiony side gathers provide snug fit for great comfort.

Prevail® Daily Pads Female Disposable Bladder Control Pads - Moderate Absorbency

100% Breathable - A fully breathable moisture barrier that allows skin to breathe. Prevail® has Dri-Fit™ cotton enhanced™ comfort to help you feel more natural by keeping your skin dry and comfortable.

Dignity® ThinSerts® Bladder Control Pad 12 Inch Length Light Absorbency Polymer Unisex Disposable

Thin, lightweight pad with a soft, cloth-like, moisture-proof outer barrier. Superabsorbent polymer for dryness and odor control with optimal fluid retention under pressure.


Briefs are a smart choice if you’re looking for a more secure, extra-dry experience.

Prevail® Adult Incontinent Brief Per-Fit Tab Closure Disposable Heavy Absorbency

Advanced Zoning System® and breathable zones for maximum leakage protection and skin dryness. 2-wetness indication color changing strips, go from light blue to dark blue.

Disposable Underwear

If you’re looking for the reassurance that you’ll stay dry, then disposable underwear options are a sensible choice.

Sure Care™ Unisex Pull On Absorbent Underwear - Disposable, Heavy Absorbency

Super absorbent core is designed to quickly lock in fluid and neutralize unpleasant odors. Airflow technology allows for air to skin contact, keeping the skin cool, dry and comfortable while minimizing heat build up.

McKesson Ultra Unisex Pull On Disposable Underwear - Heavy Absorbency

Soft, cloth-like breathable material provides discreet comfort and promotes drier, healthier skin. Inner leg cuffs provide added leak protection. Premium acquisition layer rapidly absorbs fluid into the core.


Prevail® Per-Fit® Unisex Pull On Disposable Underwear - Heavy Absorbency

Per-Fit® Underwear is ideal for moderate to heavy incontinence. It’s out-performing other protective underwear products on the market today.




McKesson Vinyl Exam Gloves


Reusable Underpads

Beck's Classic 36 x 54 Inch Reusable Underpad - Moderate Absorbency (7155GRN-PB)

Beck's classic underpads are constructed with 3 layers of soft and thick quilting combined with a VINTEX vinyl barrier and a special 5-thread safety stitch for extra durability.

Disposable Underpads

Underpad Prevail® Total Care™ 23 X 36 Inch Disposable Fluff Light Absorbency

Soft, absorbent and durable even when wet, fluff underpads feature a fluff layer to quickly pull and lock up liquid.

Direct Buy Your Incontinence Supplies

You might want to purchase incontinence products directly from our website. If so, we have a substantial collection for you to browse. You can take your time, choose the perfect products to suit your needs and have them delivered in no time at all.

Everything from briefs, underpads, disposable underwear to gloves - you have exclusive access to all the latest incontinence products on the market.

Here’s a few products that are available for you right now.

StayDry® Disposable Wipes with Aloe

Pre-moistened, pleasantly fragranced. Clinically tested on skin to be mild with natural aloe and vitamin E. Soft and strong with a convenient dispensing lid and alcohol-free.

Bladder Control Pad McKesson Regular 8-1/2 Inch Length Moderate Absorbency Polymer Unisex Disposable

Ultra-absorbent polymer core locks wetness away and reduces pH of urine for improved odor control and skin wellness.

McKesson Ultra Underpad, 30 X 30 Inch, Heavy Absorbency (UPHV3030)

Fluff core with superior mat configuration. Heat-sealed, non-woven edges are gentle on skin.


1.    Which incontinence products are better for the elderly?

Many older people need a bit more security when it comes to incontinence management. If you’re looking for yourself or a loved one, you might want to check out the pullup, brief and diaper sections on our website, under the tab ‘Incontinence’.

2.    Which incontinence pads work best for me?

Everyone has different needs and people are often looking for a specific benefit from their incontinence product. The best thing is that we stock a huge range of cutting-edge incontinence supplies that deliver the most nurturing care possible.


All you need to do is browse the Incontinence section or the Medicaid Approved Incontinence section on our website to find your perfect products.

3.    Where can I buy my incontinence supplies?

If you’re Medicaid approved and eligible, your incontinence supplies could be covered. We have clear information summaries with signposted supplies and equipment on our website to better support you under our category "Medicaid Approved".

Just head on over to our website to browse all relevant products and find exactly what you need.

We’re Here To Help…

Hopefully, you’ll now have all the information you need about your incontinence supplies.

But if you need anything else, we’re here to give you a helping hand.

If you would like to speak with our customer care experts for great advice about medical supplies or equipment then please contact us on:


(206) 366-9543 or (800) 741-3996

 Our lines are open Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.00pm PT.

Alternatively, you can email us at:


Author: Rachel Bashford, Clearcreate Copywriting

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