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5 Tips to Maintain Oral Hygiene and Avoid Dentures 0


1 out of 5 elderly adults struggles with untreated tooth decay. Over 2/3 of older adults have some type of gum disease, and nearly 1/5 have lost all their teeth (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). To avoid health complications in the mouth or elsewhere, Professional Medical Corp recommends that all senior citizens follow these five tips. Furthermore, lack of oral hygiene has also started to show a correlation to the development of non-oral chronic diseases.

Some Parents Favor their Kids to Suck on Chicken Pox Lollipops 0

There are some parents that avoid giving their children vaccines, therefore turn to “natural immunity” against the disease by allowing their kids to suck on mail-ordered lollipops already licked by sick kids. There was a Facebook page called “Find a…

Flu-Proofing Your Home 0

As the official influenza season begins—and fears about swine flu ramp up—it’s important to find ways to keep winter’s ever-present illness at bay. That’s especially true this year, as one in every 20 outpatient doctor visits will be for the…

Popularity and the Flu 0

As any teenager will tell you, being popular is totally awesome. But it has a downside: According to a new study, popular people tend to catch the flu first. When the flu is going around, people at the center of…

Skin Care and Infection Control 0

Skin Care and Infection Control products soothe and clean sensitive areas, help combat presistent exposure to moisture, and offer protection against germs and disease.  Here are some products we recommend- Baza ® Barrier Cream and Anti-fungal Cream Helps maintain healthy skin…

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