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Snoring Babies Equals Trouble?


A new study published in Pediatrics Journal, found that babies who snore or have mouth–breathing and sleep apnea show indications of future long-term problems in children’s behavior and emotional wellbeing. The researchers found that babies who have these sleep disorders at 6 months increases their chances from 20% to 100% of having problem behaviors such as hyperactivity by age 7.

The study analyzed more than 11,000 children’s sleeping habits that were born in 1991-1992 in England. Every year, the researchers had the parents fill out surveys about their baby’s sleeping habits such as if they snored, breathed through their nose, or had inconsistency in breathing. When the babies turned 4 and 7, the researchers evaluated their emotional and behavioral traits such as possible emotional problems, conduct disorders, and hyperactivity. The results showed that those infants who had the worst sleeping problems had consistent scores relating to behavioral disorders at both age 4 and 7.

What do you think of this study?

Click here for the original article-courtesy of Times Heathland

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