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Introducing a Product Line to Assist Caregivers



We at Professional Medical Corp carry the utmost respect for those who act as caregivers. A caregiver is a title, a job, but not necessarily a chosen career for every undertaker. Often times, family members end up becoming caregivers to make sure their loved one is well taken-care-of. From our decades of providing medical equipment, we have an understanding of the many difficulties and challenges that caregivers face and we are proud to unveil a “Caregiving Aids” category for the Professional Medical website. The purpose of focusing on caregiving within this article and the new section of our website is to provide gratitude to professional and family caregivers in the United States and to offer them the tools they need to simplify their job.


The “Caregiving Aids” product line is broken up into five categories: bathroom safety equipment, cleaning supplies, hand held shower sprays, transfer aids, and transport chairs. Each one of these categories of equipment not only serves the care receiver, but also eases the job of the care giver.


Bathroom Safety

For example, the bathroom safety equipment such as a tool-free transfer bench, raised toilet seat with padded armrests, or even a grab bar, all lessen the amount of weight that the caregiver needs to move while assisting an older adult in the bathroom. Senior medical supplies are frequently thought of as “for the care receiver’s independence,” and while that’s true, the benefits towards the care giver are the lesser talked about impacts of having the correct equipment.







Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are perhaps one of the most obvious aids for a caregiver, as cleaning up spills or hard to reach spots while caring for a senior is almost a guaranteed responsibility. Depending on the mess, we have a variety of personal care wipes, sanitary bags, and sanitary wipes all offered within the section.



Hand Held Shower Sprays

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the house for the elderly. In addition to this, it’s one of the most difficult rooms for the caregiver to assist an elderly person in. The small space, the slippery surfaces, and the typical movements that accompany showering or using the bathroom all require extra attention and care given to the receiver. To make assisting the elderly with showering and cleaning a little easier, consider using a tool such as a hand-held shower spray, allowing caregivers to wash the entire body of another, no matter what the position or mobility of the other person. Hand held shower sprays are especially useful in showering somebody who uses a shower bench, or is otherwise unable to stand on the slippery surface of a shower floor.


Transfer Aids

Transfer Aids are perhaps one of the most useful aids that a caregiver can use to take care of an older adult. With age comes limited mobility, meaning caregivers frequently move the care receiver between rooms, chairs, around the house, and even outside of the house. Moving another person is an awkward and difficult process, shifting weight onto the joints of a caregiver and provoking injury or muscle and joint pain. Using transfer aids, such as a transfer board, caregivers can slide the care receiver more efficiently between surfaces to assist them in moving. The purpose of a transfer aid is to take the weight of the care receiver so the caregiver does not have to rely on strength alone.


Transport Chairs

Wheelchair… transport chair… What’s the difference? The size of the back wheels. A wheelchair typically has two large back wheels allowing for the user to place their hands on them to move and steer the chair independently. For a lot of seniors, this is an unnecessary feature and the back wheels simply make the equipment more heavy and difficult to push across surfaces. The solution to this is the use of a transport chair, which is lightweight and has equally size wheels. For caregivers, moving somebody in a transport chair is much less physically exerting and tiresome than pushing around a wheelchair.



If any of these products sound like they could help you, your caregiver, a loved one, or somebody else you know, we would like to encourage you to recommend the use of caregiving aids. Improving the health and efficiency of a caregiver also benefits the care receiver.

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  • Trey Munsell
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