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Being Bitter Harms your Health


New studies show that people who are bitter or angry will have higher blood pressure & heart rate. They are more likely to die of heart diseases and other medical conditions than their counterparts. The reason for this is that the body is mentally prepared to fight that particular person which consequently increases blood pressure. If you are continuously holding a grudge, the body prepares itself for a fight which increases chemicals such as the C-reactive protein, eventually taking a toll on the heart and the rest of your body.

Some different ways to cope with bitterness are:

  1. Watching the news—By doing this activity, it gives you a reality check, showing you that other people also suffered as much or even worse than yourself. It can give you the realization that bad things happen to everyone and it is apart of life.
  2. Realize you’re are harming yourself—By holding a grudge, you are not harming the other person at all. Realize the physical harm that you have done to yourself because you remained angry.

Read the original article and find more tips here—Courtesy of CNN

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