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5 Safety Tips for Older Adults in the Summer



With summer weather comes the motivation to get outside and participate in summer activities. Having fun and being active during the summer is a blast, but can be extra tiring for older adults who are naturally more prone to heat exhaustion and the injuries that follow.


To make sure you get the most out of the sunshine while staying safe and protected, here are a few tips you can follow:


  1. Mind the heat!


    Sometimes the summer heat is unavoidable to your plans, other times you simply don’t feel hot or exhausted while you’re busy having fun. However, heat can be a major cause for dehydration, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and heat syncope. It’s important to take some time in the shade to rest, or turn on the AC for a bit to keep your body temperature at a healthy level.


    On extra hot days, don’t be afraid to plan your outdoors activities early in the mornings or after the sun sets.


    1. Don’t forget to hydrate!


    We’ve all heard the common phrase “Drink at least eight glasses of water daily!” It turns out that eight glasses of water are a full liter below the recommended daily water intake for adult men, and a fifth of a liter below the recommended water intake for females. In plain terms, men need to be drinking at least fourteen glasses of water per day, and women should aim for at least ten glasses of water daily.


    Drinking water is a large factor in combatting the heat of the sun and its potentially harmful effects on your body.


    If you won’t have access to water while outside, consider using a deluxe rolling utility cart or similar bag to bring your own refreshments! This easy mobile storage unit also offers a fold-down seat, allowing you a comfortable place to rest and enjoy your water break.

     Deluxe Rolling Shopping Cart with Seat

    1. Take it slow…er than usual!


    Wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing, your body probably isn’t adjusted to having the summer sun shining down on it. Take your activities, even if normally performed with ease, a little slower than the normal to prevent your body from exhausting itself. One way you can make the increased activities of summer less taxing would be to use a rolling walker or adjustable all-terrain-cane to help take some of the pressures of movement off your joints. To help promote safety and comfort, Professional Medical is currently offering 10% off all mobility aids during July! Apply the code ‘JULY18’ to checkout to capitalize on this opportunity

     Rolling WalkerAdjustable All Terrain Cane

    1. Know the warning signs.


    When you’re out in the sun, some early warning signs that can easily be spotted include muscle weakness, headaches, muscle cramps, dizziness, confusion, passing out, red or dry skin, and an increased heart rate. Any of these symptoms could be a clue that your body is overheating and needs to take a break.


    So, don’t hesitate to step out of the sun for a bit and cool down with an iced water. If you’re feeling extra hot, considering cooling off with an ice pack like the Norco Heavy Duty Cold Pack.

     Norco Heavy Duty Cold Pack with Neck Contour

    1. Dealing with the after effects of the sun.


    If you’re just finding these useful safety tips after already having been exposed to a long day under the sun, these tips may be what you’re looking for to ease the pains of a sunburn or muscle aches.


    Have a sunburn? Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

    Applying a moisturizer such as the McKesson Moisturizer Summer Rain Lotion has been shown not only to reduce inflammation caused by a sunburn, but also to ease the pain and irritation!


    If muscle aches following a day of increased activity are an issue, consider using an over the counter pain and inflammation medication such as ibuprofen.


    McKesson Moisturizer Summer Rain LotionMcKesson Pain Medication 200mg Strength Ibuprofen

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