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Can a Blood Test Help Predict Your Death? 0

A new study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the European Society of Cardiology Congress discovered a certain enzyme that could be linked to both heart disease and cancer. By measuring this enzyme in blood, it…

Taller Women might be more likely to Develop Cancer 0

A new recent found that taller women are more prone to develop cancer than women who were short. The range of cancers included breast, ovary, uterus, bowel, blood and skin. The researchers studied 1.3 million middle-aged women inBritainbetween 1996 and…

New study shows more men than women die of almost every type of cancer 0

It has always been known for years that men die of cancer more often than women, but this is the first that a new study was able to analyze individual cancers and study the sex differences. The journal Cancer Epidemiology,…

How to cut out cancer from outdoor grilling 0

Grilling is very popular in the United States during the summer, but it does come with some health consequences.  We have heard the warnings about the increased cancer risk from eating grilled meat. AARP wrote a great article explaining how…

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