How to Keep Air Clean at Home


We stumbled on a great article from that shows us different ways to keep air clean in our homes.

  1. Avoid wood-burning fireplaces—they put out soot and carbon and it is not a good thing to inhale. They can look appealing and romantic, but inhaling some of the smoke can make it hard on your lungs.
  2. Prevent dust mites—they are known to be a trigger for asthmatics and people with COPD. Dust mites usually like to hide in mattresses and in bedding. It is best to wash your linens in hot water at least once a week and pick pillows that are made of foam rubber.
  3. Control pet dander—Pet dander can be a problem for those who have asthma and other allergies. Make sure to wash your hands after petting and keep your pet out of the bedroom (it is tough!).
  4. Prevent mold and mildew—consider using a dehumidifier and don’t run humidifier or vaporizer. Dust mites like humidity, therefore keep your moisture levels low (around 40%). Also consider good ventilations systems in the bedroom and bathroom to cut down on mold.

Click here to find out 6 other ways to keep your air clean at home—courtesy of


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